We are an ever growing locally owned small business where the employees become part of our large family.  We are always in need of qualified people to join our team and we are willing to train the right people for the job.
We are looking for people that have a true passion for what we sell, if you don’t dig this stuff as much as we do this company is not for you.
  • You need to be a good, hard-working, well groomed individual, who respects yourself and others.
  • You have to take specific, detailed, disciplined direction extremely well, but also be trusted to make quick executive decisions.
  • You can’t be a criminal (we are security experts)
  • You have to love life, kids, music, your family, and our culture (we offer a 30 day period to agree on this)
  • Be excited to work harder than you ever have in your life with a great group of people
  • No late nights, sundays, or holidays. (we encourage you to have lives outside of your career and stay active in the community)

We offer a competitive wage based on experience

  • May be eligible for a full time vehicle and cell phone
  • Sanford health/ dental/ vision
  • Aflac
  • Matching retirement
  • Paid vacation/ sick
  • Free bottled water (funny but true)